Thursday, 2 February 2017

Circumstances and Joy

So, this week STUNK. On so many different levels. It felt like we time-travelled back to our first week of school a year and a half ago, where every possible thing that could go wrong, did.  And that's all we're going to say about that.

Because our joy is not dependent on our circumstances. 

That statement is as much for us as it is for anyone else out there having a stinky week. It's definitely easier said than done to not let tough circumstances take away from your joy-level, but it's something we've been super conscious of the past little while. Life can be super up and down in Haiti... and spontaneous too, not necessarily in the best sense either. But the more intentional we are about how deeply we let our days dent our joy, the more consistent we can be in our example to others about the difference Jesus makes in our lives.

Jesus doesn't make all our problems go away, but He gives us complete joy in the midst of them!

So since there's nothing else to say about our stinky week, enjoy some JAK Academy pictures from the past month!